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Product ID: DG0370GL
Baseball Bat Vase: Green Weaved H-27", Open-2.5"

Price: US$23.80
Product ID: DG0371GL
Baseball Bat Vase: Green Weaved H-21", Open-2.5"

Price: US$21.80
Product ID: DG0377BL
Aladdin Vase: Blue/Purple Weaved H-14", Open-2"
* Tear Drop Glass Vases *
Price: US$23.80
Product ID: DG0378BL
Aladdin Vase: Blue/Purple Weaved H-12", Open-1.5"
* Tear Drop Glass Vases *
Price: US$21.80
Product ID: DG0382OG
Swirl Curved Vase: Olive Green H-16", Open-4"

Price: US$21.00
Product ID: DG0434BK
Carved Vase: Black H-20", Open-3" (Pack of 4pcs - $19.50 ea)
Pack of 4pcs, 4pcs for $78.00.
Price: US$78.00

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