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Product ID: GCU021
Egg Shaped Vase. H-14", Pack of 4 pcs
$ 8.10 per unit
Price: US$32.40
Product ID: GCU161WT
Urn Vase: White H-21.5", Open D-10.5", Max D-12" (2pcs/Case)
Pack of 2pcs, 2pcs for $88.00
Price: US$88.00
Product ID: GCU162WT
Unique Urn Vase: White H-28", Open-10", Max D-10" (Pack of 2 pcs)
Pack of 2pcs, 2pcs for $96.00
Price: US$96.00
Product ID: GCU187
Contemporary GEM Urn Vases. H-11", Pack of 2 pcs
$ 21.70 per unit
Price: US$43.40
Product ID: GFI003
Fish Shaped Glass Bowl. H-7.5", Pack of 4 pcs
$14.08 per unit
Price: US$56.32
Product ID: GFI004
Fish Shaped Glass Bowl. H-9", Pack of 2 pcs
$16.92 per unit
Price: US$33.83
Product ID: GFI005
Fish Shaped Glass Bowl. H-11", Pack of 2 pcs
$23.80 per unit
Price: US$47.60

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