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Product ID: DG0049OG
Carved Tiered Vase: Orange-Green H-19", Open-5.25" (Pack of 4pcs - $11.49 ea)
Pack of 4pcs, 4pcs for $45.96.
Price: US$45.96
Product ID: DG0050OG
15" Carved Tiered Vase: Orange-Green, Open-4", Btm D-4"

Price: US$21.80
Product ID: DG0051OG
Carved Tiered Vase: Orange-Green, H-11", Open-2.75", Bottom D-3"

Price: US$16.00
Product ID: DG0120RG
Swirl Bottle Slim Vase: Red-Green, H-18", Open-1.75"

Price: US$17.80
Product ID: DG0121RG
Swirl Bottle Slim Vase: Red-Green, H-13", Open-1.5"

Price: US$13.60
Product ID: DG0127RG
Swirl Dome Vase: Red-Green, H-9.5", Open-2.5"

Price: US$25.60