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Wholesale Holiday Sales Event
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Product ID: BF-GAJ108-10
Candy Buffet, 10" Apothecary Jars. Wholesale Pack of 6 pcs
$ 8.18 per unit
List Price: US$65.40
Price: US$49.08
Product ID: BF-GBB105
Jumbo Bubble Fish Bowl. H-10", Pack of 2 pcs
$ 10.50 per unit
Price: US$21.00
Product ID: BF-GCB036
Square Vase. H-8", Pack of 12 pcs
$ 2.85 per unit
Price: US$34.20
Product ID: BF-GCB132/08
Rectangle Vase. H-8", Pack of 12 pcs
$ 7.49 per unit
Price: US$89.88
Product ID: BF-GCB132/10
Rectangle Vase. H-10", Pack of 8 pcs
$ 8.93 per unit
Price: US$71.44
Product ID: BF-GCB161/10
Square Vase. H-10", Pack of 12 pcs
$ 3.99 per unit
Price: US$47.88
Product ID: BF-GCB161/14
Square Vase. H-14", Pack of 12 pcs
$ 3.84 per unit
Price: US$58.08
Product ID: BF-GCH004
Open End Hurricane Candle Shade. H-9.5", Pack of 36 pcs
$ 1.35 per unit
Price: US$48.60
Product ID: BF-GCH119/07
Wall Hanging Terrarium. H-7", Pack of 12 pcs
$ 3.52 per unit
Price: US$42.24
Product ID: BF-GCH120/05
Hanging Heart Shape Terrarium. H-4.5", Pack of 48 pcs
$ 2.18 per unit
Price: US$104.64
Product ID: BF-GCH121/08
Glass Terrarium with Rope. H-8", Pack of 12 pcs
$ 3.45 per unit
Price: US$41.40
Product ID: BF-GCH121/11
Glass Terrarium with Rope. H-11", Pack of 8 pcs
$ 4.13 per unit
Price: US$33.04

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