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Assorted Mixed Beach Seashells - 1 lb (Approx. 18-21 pcs)
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Product ID: VFSS2005
Assorted Mixed Beach Seashells - 1 lb (Approx. 18-21 pcs)

Colorful Sea Shells. Perfect for decoration or use in arts and crafts. Decorate your home or beach house with these wonderful shells. These shells are perfect for creating one-of-a-kind nautical wreath, picture frames or table scatters. You can use for beach weddings, outdoor summertime luncheons, decorations displayed in a bowl or vase, or in a bowl with candles. Starfish not guaranteed to be included. Each bag is unique. All natural sea shells Assorted Mixed Pack including: Medium Philippine Fan Seashell Mix, Linckia Laevegata, Arca Ovalis, Strombus Canarium, Pecten Vexillum.

Size: Diameter 1" - 4" | Pack of 1 lb per bag
Pack of 1 lb per bag = Approximately 18-21 pcs
Color: Colorful

number of pieces show in photos for reference only.
Dimension and weight is a approximation.

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Price: US$8.99