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Glass Cloche Dome, Plant Terrariums. H-10.5", Pack of 4 pcs
Product ID: GDO201
Glass Cloche Dome, Plant Terrariums. H-10.5", Pack of 4 pcs Discounts Apply !
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Total Height: 10.5" | Dome Height: 10" | Body D: 5.5" | Base D: 7" | Thickness: 3/16" | Natural Wood Base & Rope Included
Wholesale Pack of 4 pcs |

One may incorporate this cloche with a tree bark disc as the tray for rustic chic or farmhouse wedding themes. More and more wedding centerpieces are seen using cloche covers as part of the table setting decor. This clear glass cloche is the perfect pick to pair with different types of cake stand or trays.

Glass cloches are also known as glass dome, which were originally created to protect seedlings or delicate flowers from adverse elements. They have since been widely used as plant terrarium containers or as decadent dessert display cover. Tray is not included.

- 3/16 inch glass thickness

- Wide surface area for etching or engraving

- Total height is measured from the top of the lid to the base

- Tips: take note of the lid's diameter and height to determine what you can fit inside the cover without touching its sides

Price: US$54.00